IndigoInk x Bassett House Pictures

IndigoInk has joined forces with Bassett House Pictures to identify, promote, and produce high quality short films. The idea is to create a platform for creators and supporters to become “Woomies” and self fund community projects. Additionally, you’ll find weekly films that we simply find to be amazing. Born from idea by Jean Elie, this incredible community is exactly what today’s digital video community needs. For us, by us content that reflects our lives and our voice.

Bassett House Pictures is a tentpole company where we create monthly short films and pilot presentations. Currently, we are building the community via our Patreon Page. There, you’ll have access to exclusive content, available crews, and a community of fellow film lovers to support your work. Right now, we’re developing projects that need your backing to cultivate an audience that will allow us to create and share our films with folks that look like us. If you’d like to make this happen: CONTRIBUTE!

Now depending on your contribution, you will be sent updates, special invitations, and added to the rolling credits of every project. We have created a monthly subscription – you can choose to invest $100 to $5. It’s up to you. Every contribution is appreciated. 

Come through and help us lay this house down brick by brick.

In 2010, I left Brockton, Massachusetts to live out my dream in Los Angeles. I landed in a little town called Van Nuys and moved into a mustard yellow house with 5 people from all over the world. We all came to L.A. with a dollar and a dream. This home was on Bassett St. It was a hub for an array of people who were developing their careers here in Los Angeles. One of my roommates created her own talent agency, another is a celebrity hairstylist, and one even became a regular on Tyler Perry’s show, Love Thy Neighbor. It was a revolving door. A cast of characters. A house for a family of creatives. This home is apart of our story, it roots us here in L.A., and since then we’ve all branched out and found success in our own lane. 

Bassett House Pictures was named in the spirit of this experience. It’s an invitation to keep creating with others from all walks of life, to share each other’s stories, and to continue to support others. 

– Jean Elie

Have a film you want to see distributed? Wanna check out some of our current films? Start here.

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