IndigoInk was commissioned to create a visual poem for the band Less Bells for their brilliant album entitled “Solifuge.”

For the song entitled, BOMBARDMENT, we made a surreal nonlinear art film that explores the concept of the superwoman in the modern age. Her fight for her family and their success can sometimes be alienating and tragic. Strong, powerful and wise, she forges on in hopes that her sacrifice is a salvation.

They gave us incredible creative control over this one, and it was a blast to produce!

Less Bell’s debut album Solifuge, available here:

You can also follow us @lessbellsmusic on instagram.

Special thanks to the fantastic crew & cast that pulled this off:

  • Cast Horecee St. Cyr – Maia X
  • Paul Archer – Husband
  • Hunter Reid – Robert
  • Crew Producer – Ashleigh Nichols
  • Director of Photography – Paris McCoy
  • Production Assistant – Grace Jensen
  • Hair & Make Up – Karen Grow
  • Costumes – Tin Wornom

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