IndigoInk was hired by Running Water Entertainment (RWE) to edit a series of promotional videos for Inspired Journey Marriage and Family Counseling Services (IJMFCs). Based between Los Angeles, CA & Minneapolis, MN, RWE specializes in high quality promotional, corporate, documentary and narrative projects.

IJMFCS is run by Kongit Farrell, a licensed marriage and family counsellor who specializes in a wide variety of techniques to help clients improve their lives. Her support comes in the form of therapy, coaching, or through compassionate and uplifting teaching. Often it’s a combination of all three.

What I care about the most is helping you heal and create the life that you see for yourself; Especially if you’ve experienced any type of trauma or mistreatment and feel like it’s holding you back.

I’ve had to overcome some very challenging circumstances myself, and I know what deep suffering feels like. I was very lucky to receive excellent therapeutic and coaching support that gave me the hope, courage, and resources that I needed to heal and achieve many of my life goals.
I want to offer that kind of support to you.

Kongit Farrell

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